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Guitar Masterclass with Keziah Jones! Learn Blufunk style with the true
inventor of this style. Your Guitar Teacher is Keziah Jones himself!

Programme de Keziah Jones
Keziah Jones & imusic-school are proud to present you this complete session of Blufunk courses with the master himself. No need, of course, to introduce Keziah Jones to you. After 5 complete albums, hundreds of shows all around the world, Keziah Jones put down his luggage and took the time to record a unique web masterclass dealing with his unique style made out of Blues, Funk, soul and Yoruba music style : The BluFunk.

Keziah’s first idea was of course to pass on his skills, secrets and knowledge in the Blufunk style to the musicians curious to learn a new style and apprehend a non academic way to learn the guitar as he did his entire life, and how he continues everyday... And we are sure about it, you’ll be surprised how you can quickly progress with our learning methodology and Keziah’s tips and advices!

photo de Keziah Jones
Of course, to learn the Blufunk style, you will be able to practice and learn 18 of his most famous and representative songs. In these courses, Keziah will explain to you in details how to deal with the Blufunk style, what exercise you can do on a daily basis and what to do with your right and your left hand to get closer every day of the Blufunk unique sound.

With these courses, you will be able to learn and to practice on 18 songs amongst 5 of Keziah’s albums.

Blufunk is a fact: Rhythm is love, Where’s Life?, Blufunk is a fact
African space craft: Million miles from home, Dear Mr. Cooper, African space craft, Cubic space division, Funk’N’Cirumstance, if you know,
Black Orpheus: Afrosurrealism For The ladies, Kpafuca, Wet Questions, Neptune, Beautiful Emilie, All praises
Nigerian Wood: Lagos vs New York, 1973
Rhythm Is Love: Cash
So Stop Looking at random videos on internet, get access to this unique full blufunk class!

Within this 240 videos Masterclass, all of the songs are organized by right hand styles techniques. You will learn the Funk (play with all of your fingers on the up-strokes and down-strokes), the Thumb and the Picking.

All songs have a rhythmic, chords and right hand style explanation. To be sure you improve your play with this masterclass, you will find close-ups for a better understanding, backing tracks, tablatures, metronomes and of course, all the videos with Keziah. You also have an unlimited access to the masterclass. It’s anywhere, anytime!

All of the songs are played both on acoustic Spanish and Solid Body Electro Acoustic guitar. Keziah will teach you on the acoustic Spanish how to play the guitar line, the bass line and the percussions. He will then explain you how to develop and adapt your play on the solid body guitar adding up some key effects at the right time.

To open your mind to creativity and pushing the limits of your guitar skills, Keziah will teach you how to play the guitar as a drum and a unique way to play on a 2 strings guitar!

Keziah will also give you all his secrets to get a Blufunk sound with equipment, tools, guitar effects analysis and explanations. At the end of this masterclass, you will be a blufunk disciple able to play alone or with a band, like Keziah does!

As this course is a masterclass, all these lessons are accessible with an intermediate guitar level.

The lessons can be followed step by step or by thematic. With these lessons, the pedagogic approach developed by Imusic-School and Keziah Jones guarantees that you will be free to learn at your own pace. You will notice how quickly you can improve when you’ve got the right teacher!

So log yourself on your account and follow these lessons. You will find a unique web space specially designed for the guitarists with a full set of features designed to learn.
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